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The Covert Comic

Weekly Intelligence Briefing

... Don't ask.


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

There are some secrets you can't be cleared for unless you already know.

  Never lie on a polygraph.  The needles get all bent, then they ask you even more questions. – Tradecraft

  Intelligence Community Dis of the Day.  I said he was a potential person of interest.  I never said he was a potential person.

  I've been around the block a few times – although in my case it was vertically.

  The teaching 'Be kind, for everyone you meet is carrying a heavy burden' is that burden.

Executive Intelligence Summary

Nobody's ugly after 2:00 a.m.  But not as ugly as Anybody.




Can I be cleared for the coffee and doughnuts, but not for the rest of the intelligence briefing?

  As a CIA officer, I'm never swayed by emotions.  Uprooted, hurled through the air, and smashed to pieces on the ground maybe, but never swayed.

  The statement 'You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate' is just an opening position.

  Every high is a contact high.

  Always keep drugs out of the reach of children.  And for maximum entertainment, keep them just out of reach. Real Men Don't Get Published

Executive Intelligence Summary

Misinformation es tusinformation.




The Covert Comic: advanced persistent threat of love.

  Intelligence Community Dis of the Day.  Judging from his rate of motion, he definitely qualifies as an agent-in-place.

  Sh*t doesn't happen, happening sh*ts.

  Joel Siegel said "William Shakespeare wrote 39 plays and did not use the word 'suck' in any of them."

… Sorry Joel: Titus Andronicus Act 4.  Scene 2.  Line 179. Real Men Don't Get Published

  I tell everybody I couldn't care less, but deep down, I know I could if I applied myself.

Executive Intelligence Summary

If the customer is always right, try adjusting your riflescope.


The Covert Comic officially isn't on Twitter.



The Covert Comic.

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