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Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

It's good to feel a sense of urgency – provided you have that sense of urgency's prior consent.

  No cause is more important than that of intelligence reform.  If we can determine how intelligence reform is caused, we can work to develop an effective prevention strategy.

  How's karma's karma?

  The first casualty of Star Wars was star truth.

  If I'm reincarnated as a male ladybug, I think I'll just go ahead and fly straight into a spider's web the very first day. – The Naked Intelligence Officer

Executive Intelligence Summary

In the land of the noseless, the man with one nostril is not king.




Intelligence is in the night vision goggle of the beholder.

  At CIA we've been shaken by reports of alcoholism in the Intelligence Community.

... Though fortunately we haven't been stirred. – Real Men Don't Get Published

  What's wrong doesn't cease to be wrong merely because a majority believes it so.  It also requires my written approval.

●  You'll never win anything whining on the sidelines.  You need to get out there and start whining on the field.

●  It's OK to pick your battles, as long as you don't eat them.

PostTopSecret of the Week

– from PostTopSecret




If I took off my sunglasses, everyone else would have to put on theirs.

  Rumors, gossip and innuendo do not equate to intelligence.  They're typically way more accurate.

  I'm having an out-of-experience body.

●  WTF, but where W = 'Whither'

  They say that unless you're the lead dog, the view never changes.  Then again, if you're a dog you probably like that view. – My War on Terror!

Executive Intelligence Summary



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