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Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

You say 'evasive action' like there's some other kind.

  Attending a classified CIA briefing on international terrorism can be a sobering experience.  Especially if the liquor runs out. Who Killed the Covert Comic?

  SpookSpeak.  Here adv.  A place, position or location at which the buck shows no signs of stopping.

  If life is a classroom, death is a faculty lounge.

  Whenever I hear folks talk about gender, I'm thankful we don't have any in this country.

Executive Intelligence Summary

WTF you, motherWTFer!




Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's there.

  Shouldn't those North Korean generals who stand next to Kim Jong Un taking notes while he speaks be executed for implying that something he says could be forgotten unless it's written down???

  I got 99 problems but the lack of a state-appointed psychiatrist to write prescriptions for medication to treat them ain't one.

  How did he who rides a tiger get on it in the first place?

  There's nothing more odious to God than excessive piety.  Just be satisfied with one piece like everybody else. Universal Intelligence Estimate

Executive Intelligence Summary

The question isn't 'What's the point?'  The question is: What is a point?




By any ends necessary.

  For years I've lived a double life.  It's time I got back to living four or five lives, minimum.

  Today, as in the past, a successful career requires sacrifice.  And today, as in the past, there's usually a maiden and a volcano involved.

  The statement 'A picture is worth a thousand words' is worth 0.007 of a picture.

  When they take their clothes off, everyone's in drag.

Executive Intelligence Summary

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