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The Covert Comic

Weekly Intelligence Briefing



(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Does the saying ‘The higher the building, the lower the morals’ include underground bunkers?

● If proper tradecraft is the backbone of HUMINT, that may explain why HUMINT’s leg is always numb.

● I will follow you into the dark (provided you continue to take point).

● Whenever I squeeze a stress ball, I worry about whether I’m holding it correctly.

● If delay and indecision are the parents of failure, how did they ever get around to having sex???

Executive Intelligence Summary

He who kicks ass should not wear shoes with laces.




The trustiest go-between is a bulletproof vest.

You clap when the plane lands. The plane lands when I clap.

● Look a little closer at the ROTFL emoji, and you’ll see a person who’s broken inside.

Concept for an action TV series: Menschtable. A shapeshifter able to assume the form of leafy plants, sprouts, roots or tubers in order to fight crime.

Celebrity mathematicians die in 3.14159265359s.

Executive Intelligence Summary

I’m not denying that the dog is being wagged by it, I’m questioning whether that’s a tail.





Where is the cache that contains hidden meanings?

In espionage, a defection is better than a capture, and a capture is better than a kill. The problem is, a kill is usually better than a defection.

Remember back before robotics, when people used to say ‘No blood for oil,’ not ‘No oil for blood?’

I desire intimacy as much as the next person. And I don’t desire the next person at all.

To rise to the rank of entertainment executive, I bet you have to be really, really fun.

Executive Intelligence Summary

Some laugh because they must not cry. I make the Edvard Munch scream face because I must not wink knowingly.


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