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(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Ask Me Anything Unclassified!

●  Reader: I'm in love with a friend who's in the Navy, but he doesn't know.  How can I tell him before he ships out next week?

Dear Reader: Once he's at sea, it should take your friend no more than five or six days to figure out he's in the Navy.  Hope this helps!

●  I am the non-fungible token of life. Jesus

●  The diary has been replaced by the nanosecondry.

●  For me, aging is about mind over matter.  Every year my matter sags another quarter of an inch below my mind.

PostTopSecret of the Week

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Bureaucracy is a mind of state.

●  The Worldwide Incidents Tracking System was discontinued after objections to country-specific versions of the system were raised by the governments of Turkey, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Tajikistan, Tonga, Togo and Tuvalu.

●  I used to wonder why health stores always looked empty.  It turns out there are plenty of customers inside, but you and I can't see them because they've evolved into pure energy.

●  When you say 'linear thinking is patriarchal,' are you saying the relationship is a first degree polynomial function with R : (0, )?

●  I'd rather have less time than I think, than less think than I have time. – Universal Intelligence Estimate

Executive Intelligence Summary

Death is not the end.  Death is the middle linebacker.




No Entry Without Badge.  With Badge, Even Less Entry Than That.

●  Per the Third Agency Rule, if my agency provides information to your agency, your agency may not provide that information to a third agency, as that agency could in turn provide the information to my agency, potentially causing my agency to conclude that the information is true.

●  It's good to see the Washington football team is finally changing its name.  The term 'Washington' is clearly offensive.

●  Say what you will about the Large Hadron Collider, it keeps particle physicists off the streets.

  Human remains found?  Are any of them mine?

PostTopSecret of the Week

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