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The Covert Comic

Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Sometimes the best answer is silencer.

●  I'd like to deploy a payload in her subsurface launch silo. – [Context classified]

●  I'm not easily ruffled.  As for my plumage, that's a different story.

●  It takes about half a second to say the word 'jiffy.'  That's how long a jiffy should officially be.

●  Necessity is the mother-in-law of patents.  Universal Intelligence Estimate

Executive Intelligence Summary

See myself in others?  In others' what?




Better to be the INT in the IMINT than the IM.


… This is a trick question, right?

●  You might assume that being my BFF automatically means you're also my BF.  But it's precisely that kind of thinking that can make you my XBF and my XBFF.

●  Following World War II, the German city of Stolp became the Polish city of Slupsk.  To prevent future conflict, maybe the city should be renamed Stupsk.

  I standby my principles.  Tradecraft

Executive Intelligence Summary

'Biological' – the original oxymoron.




Even as we embrace our history, let our gaze be toward posterity (but don't let our history catch us gazing toward posterity's posterior).

  I don't get military personnel wearing green and brown camouflage in computer rooms.  Shouldn't their camo look like computers?

  Someone asking for me on a conference call: Are you out there?

Me: You have no idea.

  A woman is like the sea: don't go near either without a personal locator beacon, an inflatable life jacket, and a flare gun.

  If silence is golden, turning state's evidence is at least platinum. Tradecraft

Motivational Secret of the Week

Whoever said 'You are your own best teacher' was by definition a sub.


The Covert Comic officially isn't on Twitter.



The Covert Comic.

Read him while you still can!