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The Covert Comic

Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Covert action is the coffee and donuts of international diplomacy.

  Your loyalty is not for sale?  … How much to rent it?

●  The problem with refusing to be another statistic is that you were 71% likely to do that.

●  There's no substitute for hard work, but there's plenty of work for a hard substitute. Real Men Don't Get Published

●  Not a good listener???  When have I ever failed to receive your HTTP request and indicate your destination IP address and port???

Executive Intelligence Summary

More dribs, fewer drabs.




The cleared renew their clearances every five years or so. The uncleared renew their clearances every day.

  Secret 24.  The more expensive the CIA office furniture in a movie, the cheaper the screenplay.

  December 12th is International Day of Neutrality. It could have been another date, but nobody had a preference one way or the other.

  Read that middle class Americans may soon be an endangered species. Wondered how long before it's illegal to trap them and sell their pelts.

  The problem with playing the blame game is that it always ends up going to penalty kicks.

Executive Intelligence Summary

If charity begins at home, I bet I know in which room.Tradecraft




Diplomacy and intelligence are sisters – which explains all the pinching and hair pulling.

  Secret 62910681.  No woman with a gun is ugly.

  It's time we put an end to sexual harassment.  To harass sex is just plain wrong.

  Here in America we believe success is about making hard choices.  And nobody makes choices harder than we do here in America.

  War is glorious, until you see the man next to you get killed.  Then war is only glorious if he was an asshole. – My War on Terror!

Executive Intelligence Summary

Can't we f*ck about something more pleasant?



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