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Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Secret 3102126.0.  The more everyone knows about what everyone is doing, the more what everyone is doing is about knowing this.

  What good is a safe house if the sidewalk's dangerous?

●  I read an ad: '99% Of Women Are Turned On If You Say These Words.'  So I started saying 'These Words' to every woman I met.  But it only worked about 47% of the time.

> . – key statement in Cantor's theorem proving that some infinities are larger than others

  Fleetingness is here to stay. – Who Killed The Covert Comic?

Executive Intelligence Summary

Actually, I haven't heard this one before, but I think I'll go ahead and stop you anyway.




A policymaker is a National Intelligence Estimate's way of making another National Intelligence Estimate.

  If sitting in a dark office on a Saturday night typing a report on a deputy vice-minister's views regarding the depreciation of oil drilling equipment in Central Eurasia is your idea of sexy (and also, if you're having sex while doing this), then yes, real-life espionage is sexy.

●  I practice a back-to-nature lifestyle.  The farther behind my back nature is, the better.

  According to science, gender fluidity, if it's hot enough, can transform into a gender gas!

  Better over the top than under the bottom. – The Naked Intelligence Officer

Executive Intelligence Summary

Easier lies the head that leaves the crown on the nightstand.




The memoranda regarding the memoir shall beget the memoir regarding the memoranda.

  Agent-in-place?  Your place or mine?

  The Papal Swiss Guard is like the US Secret Service, only more conservatively dressed.

●  Our relationship with food in large part defines us – or at least it defines our large parts.

  The hell with cutting to the chase – let's cut straight to the crash. – Tradecraft

Motivational Secret of the Week

It takes less time to kill all the people who say 'It takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong' than to explain why you only wounded some of them.


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