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(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Dis all misinfo, miss no disinfo.

In my country it's perfectly permissible to let the government know your feelings – in fact, it helps us optimize voltage levels. Security official in that country

In the end, a project is what you put into it. So depending on what you put into a project, you might want to avoid standing directly behind its end.

● Back in the Old West, I bet Native American media theorists taught: 'The smoke is the signal.'

Learn to recognize those who are thin-skinned. And even more importantly, those who are thick-exoskeletoned.

Executive Intelligence Summary

The future is not googleable. I found that on Google.




Every ‘I can neither confirm nor deny’ statement begins with I can. – Motivational Thoughts for Official Spokespersons

Wait, the blast doors we installed in the foreign minister’s residence were supposed to protect against explosions???

... Uh-oh.

If I had a name like ... .- -- ..- . .-.. / -- --- .-. ... . I'd probably invent Morse code too.

Of course, when the Jell-O hits the fan, everybody wants to take credit for it.

I'm not wallowing in self-pity, this is a self-pity Tough Mudder event.

Executive Intelligence Summary

As long as you have two or fewer, your ducks are always in a row.




Whom you offer a secret, to that secret you offer.

Confirmed target is witting – in fact, target is so witting he just wit his pants. – Ops report

I’m not divorced from reality, but we are seeing other people.

When I was diagnosed with acquired ptosis, it wasn't all that eye-opening.

● Instead of walking a mile in your shoes, would it be OK if I jogged? That way I can experience the world from your perspective and also get some good aerobics in.

Executive Intelligence Summary


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The Covert Comic.

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