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Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Secret 23.8.j.  Jesus doesn't have security clearances.  Jesus is security clearances.

  This is critical intelligence – it's been bad-mouthing me ever since I collected it. –

●  SpookSpeak.  Troubleshooting n.  The practice of injecting trouble intravenously, typically performed by trouble addicts.

  They say men like cars and women like clothes.  As a guy, I definitely agree.  As long as I'm in my car, what the heck do I need clothes for? Universal Intelligence Estimate

●  A definition of terrorism presupposes the terrorism of definition.

Executive Intelligence Summary

Everything is survivable, except survival.




Secret 29918191.  Divide and conquer.  Unite and divide.

  Underhead reconnaissance is the greater INT by far.

  When I was a kid, I never knew where my next meal was coming from.  Restaurant, delivery, catered – it seemed like every meal came from a different place. Who Killed the Covert Comic?

  Women tend to be leery of men who promise them the moon.  A woman wants to be promised, at the very least, a galactic supercluster.

  Nobody knows how it feels to be me, except it.

Executive Intelligence Summary

When you reach common ground, check to make sure you're not sinking.




The hardness is the target.

  SpookSpeak.  Spooksplain v.  To explain a classified topic to someone, and having told them, to be required to kill them.

  How about a zombie film about making a zombie film?  But if that's been done already, how about a zombie film about making a zombie film about making a zombie film?

  An intelligence test measures one's ability to get out of having to take it.

  Sometimes you have to extend a membrane process for what you believe in, even if it means extending that membrane process alone. – Motivational Quotes for Amoeboids

Executive Intelligence Summary

You go your way, and I'll go thine.



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