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The Covert Comic

Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Trust me, I know what I'm officially not doing.

●  The same asset can save your life, and get you killed.  And not necessarily in that order. Tradecraft

●  The wrong side of the tracks is on top of them.

  "Trapped!  Trapped like a rat!" thought Jeff.  Then Jeff remembered that he was, in fact, a rat, which made him feel at least a little better.

●  You were the last guy with me on Saturday night. – entry in Father's Day essay contest: 'You're a Father If ...' 

Executive Intelligence Summary

We insist our soul is not for sale – as if the owner would tell us.




From those to whom many security clearances are granted, not much shall be expected.

  Secret 0.831.  Any Russian definition of maskirovka is an instance of it.

●  A true friend is like a shining star: giving warmth and light, and through the years causing collagen and elastin fibers in our skin to deteriorate significantly unless we avoid overexposure.

●  Everybody line up and form an ascending spiral. Universal Intelligence Estimate

●  I googled the quote 'Power means not having to respond.'  Nothing happened.

Motivational Secret of the Week

It's all good, where 'it' {N | N = nonlethal}.




There's a suppository for that.

●  Secret 205.  One intelligence analyst's Analytic Outreach is another's nonconsensual groping.

●  Got in trouble at work for posting pictures of my wife naked.  Next time I'll at least wear sweatpants.

●  I've never quite been comfortable with the fact that lionesses raise the young and do all the hunting, while the lions lay around all day in the shade.

... I mean, shouldn't the lionesses be fanning the lions? Who Killed the Covert Comic?

●  I am partial to no vested interests.  Give me lingeried interests every time.

Executive Intelligence Summary

The difference between friends and computers: friends ask first if they can hang and crash.



The Covert Comic officially isn't on Twitter.



The Covert Comic.

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