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Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Mama said there'd be supereons like this.

  My favorite smell is Kevlar.  Unless Kevlar doesn't have a smell, in which case my favorite smell is me wearing Kevlar. My War On Terror!

  Only about 8.2% of human DNA actually performs a function.  The rest works in bioethics.

  The term 'common parlance' isn't.

  I don't know what a 'giant slalom' is, but it certainly doesn't sound appropriate for family television.

Executive Intelligence Summary

Secret 354.  Do as you please, please as you do.




… But I monogress.

  If intelligence analysis means anything, it means informing policymakers of potentially unpalatable truths.  So let's just be glad intelligence analysis doesn't mean anything.

  Coffee is black.  Coffee is matter.  Therefore, coffee is black matter.

  We only hate what we don't understand.  What we understand, we hate, loathe and despise.

  If there's one prediction we can safely make about the future, it's that guarding the self-destruct mechanism will continue to be a remarkably low-paying job. – Who Killed The Covert Comic?




What price glory, and do you accept coupons?

  Secret 3102.3.5.  The trouble with disposable agents is that they tend to get recycled after you throw them away.

  You make me want to be a better-armed person.

●  Give me the Internet of Thangs any day of the week.

  A talk with a child is cheaper than therapy – although if that's your reason for talking to children, you should probably still get the therapy. Catwalk of Spies

Executive Intelligence Summary

You reap what you so what.


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The Covert Comic.

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