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Weekly Intelligence Briefing



(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Carpe diem ante capit vos.  (Seize the day before it seizes you.)

  Intelligence Community Interagency Dis of the Week.  The gears in their intelligence cycle are slipping.

  They say death is a part of life.  Or at least, if they manufacture breast implant tissue matrices harvested from human cadaver skin, they should.

  I'm willing to lo, or behold, but not both.

  Fête the power! Tradecraft

Executive Intelligence Summary

You say 'blackout poetry'

Like there's some other kind




The only object more difficult to move than the body of a dead asset is the body of a live one.

  SpookSpeak.  Acoustical intelligence (ACOUSTINT) n.  Intelligence derived from the collection and processing of audio emanations from various parts of a device, system, or one's boss.

  When you're watching your back, your back is your front.

  Today's female astronaut is blazing new trails in space exploration, inspired by the knowledge that, in accelerating relative to their inertial frame of reference, she'll age measurably slower than her girlfriends back on Earth.

  The Achilles' heel of Achille's heel was Achilles. Tradecraft

Executive Intelligence Summary

There's a big thick line between love and love.





Wouldst thou taste the spice of life?  Then taste not the life of spies.

  Subject was vetted by FBI's Terrorist Screening Center, but was rejected for a leading role when he kept forgetting his lines.

  Last night I had a near death experience.  My whole wife flashed before my eyes.

  Kraftwerk is OK, but I like Kraftlöfen better.

  At the atomic level, the glass is 99.99% empty space.  Hope this helps.

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