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The Covert Comic

Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Life's a pitch, then you spy.

  This National Intelligence Estimate has changed my thinking.  Prior to reading it, I assumed at least some of the words in the paragraphs would relate in a meaningful way to each other. Intelligence Community Dis of the Week 

  Note to self: Next time, gird my loins before coming to the office.

  Happy wife, happy life.  Unhappy mother-in-law, happy wife.

  The disguise is the blessing. Universal Intelligence Estimate

Executive Intelligence Summary

You say 'derogatory information' like there's some other kind.




The time?  It's about twelve o'pocalypse.

  The words 'national' and 'security' are like precursors for a binary chemical weapon: not overly dangerous by themselves, but capable of completely shutting down the brain and nervous system when used in combination.

  A sexual what? Responding to a job applicant's statement that she's asexual

  I'm not scared of public speaking, as long as it's not a scary public that speaks.

  If man is a rational animal, how much more animalistic, yet rationalistic, is Manimal.

Executive Intelligence Summary

Time is the wound.




With liberty and justice feral.

●  Strategic planning is useless unless there's a strategic vision.  A strategic vision is impossible unless there's a strategic executive luncheon with a strategic open bar.

  I'm not disoriented, I'm panoriented.

  I've fixed the bugs in my time machine prototype.  Next step: get the idea to build a time machine prototype.

  The word "fear" isn't in my vocabulary.  It was too scary so I took it out. Catwalk of Spies

Executive Intelligence Summary

I love you airconditionally.


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The Covert Comic.

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