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(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Warning: Letting freedom ring at excessive decibel levels may cause tinnitus.

  Not only do I have a search warrant, I have a find warrant too. – [context classified]

  President Lyndon Johnson said, "The fifth freedom is freedom from ignorance."  Fine, but what are the other four???

  Me, me, me

Me, me, me

Me eating wings

These are a few of my favorite things

Executive Intelligence Summary

The state of confusion has more than two senators. Tradecraft




Always act accordion to your conscience.

  Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, unless they're cleared for TOP SECRET//TRBL//ORCON/NOFORN.

  New Year's Prediction: Discoveries in recursion will force us to rethink our theories of discoveries in recursion forcing us to do this.

  That 'Hallelujah' song by Leonard Cohen would have been more popular if he'd written a verse with the word 'Booyah!' in it.

  Show me a culture with no word for awe, and I'll show you a people who've never had their tonsils examined. – Real Men Don't Get Published

Executive Intelligence Summary

If the statement 'Not every question deserves an answer' was the answer to a question, I guess that question did.




It's the end of days somewhere.

  The United States does not employ the 'honey trap' method to recruit foreign intelligence assets.  The United States is the honey trap method. Tradecraft

  The commendability of putting your best foot forward depends entirely on what you step in.

  While breastfeeding is not in itself objectionable, be aware that breasts tend to swarm and can create a nuisance when fed in public places.

  For all practical purposes, 'slice of life' and 'slasher' can be considered one and the same genre.

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