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Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

The secret of happiness is not redacted.  The secret of happiness is redaction itself.

  Read some truly scary intelligence today regarding efforts by a Third World government to develop weapons of mass destruction.

… 'World.'  Talk about a terrifying concept. My War on Terror!

  The 'hate' in 'whatever' is silent.

  Studied the writings of Mao Zedong this week.  Whoever 'the masses' were, I think we can all agree that the Chinese Communist Party was morally justified in leading a popular revolution to remove them from power.

  Philosophy is the longest distance between one point.

Executive Intelligence Summary




All lists are black.

  I've carried diplomatic pouches that were bigger than this country. –

  The knowledge that the knowledge that knowledge is power is power is power.

  'If you can't understand my silence, how will you understand my words?' she signed, in Vulcan.

  You'd be surprised how many things are fully hunky, but only partly dory.

Executive Intelligence Summary

Failure to understand reality is not reality's fault?  How do you figure??? – Real Men Don't Get Published




Does this National Intelligence Estimate make my assets look phat?

  If the American people knew how good a job the CIA was doing, the CIA wouldn't be doing a good  job.

  Some read lips.  Others write them.

  Dekatheism is the belief that the total number of gods that exist is greater than zero, but less than one.

  People ask if it's possible to find love after age 40.  The answer is yes – you just have to reach your hand down a little lower. The Naked Intelligence Officer

Motivational Secret of the Week

Be.  But not necessarily in that order.


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