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The Covert Comic

Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Secret 15919240.  Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must use a silencer.

  I've never understood how some intelligence officers can shatter lives and then just submit an expense form.  Whenever I try to do that, Accounting always makes me attach receipts.

  What begoes around becomes around.

  Over the last 20 years, usage of the word 'denial' has declined by nearly 5%.  Does this mean fewer people are in denial, or more?

  Before you criticize a baby, crawl a mile in its diaper. Catwalk of Spies

Executive Intelligence Summary

It's not polite to have a point.




I said it was all-source intelligence.  I never said the number of sources was a positive integer.

  Intelligence Community Pick-up Line of the Week.  I'm an indications watch officer, and I've been watching your indications all night.

  Every day is International Tangled Web of Emotions Day.

  Spontaneity is the province of youth – though I hear Saskatchewan is pretty swingin' too.

  For a while I thought I was bisexual, but only because I tend to get 'bi-' and 'semi-' mixed up.Real Men Don't Get Published

Executive Intelligence Summary

Shhh ... I heard I thought something.




A presidential finding?  Maybe if the finding was taller and had whiter teeth.

  My ops plan calls for me to be incognito.  Specifically, Jenny Cognito from Personnel.

  She told me to stop trying to save her.  So I converted her to a low-risk certificate of deposit and enjoyed a significantly higher interest rate.

  It may be a common delusion that we make things better by talking about them, but I'm still glad you told me it is.

  I'm not questioning that I shouldn't bite the hand that feeds me, I'm questioning whether that's a hand. Tradecraft

Executive Intelligence Summary

This too shall be passed.


The Covert Comic officially isn't on Twitter.



The Covert Comic.

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