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Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

The denial is the service.

  When preparing to pitch a developmental, ask yourself the question: 'If I heard this pitch from a CIA case officer, would I agree to be recruited?' (Note: if the developmental asks you why you're talking to yourself, either laugh it off, or consider terminating that individual.)

  If we were as dedicated to our religion as we are to supporting our favorite sports team, we could have twice as many tailgate parties!

  The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein said 'Everything that can be said can be said clearly.'  But I think we know what he meant.

  Are more people suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder these days, or are there just fewer things worth paying attention to? My War on Terror!

Executive Intelligence Summary

We're all hardened structures, but some of us have a greater blast pressure per square centimeter resistance ratio.




Thou shalt have no other gods before me (or on either side of me, if those gods look cuter or slimmer than me).

  'High 2: Risk of Circumvention' is a Freedom of Information Act exemption that allows the government to withhold from release information pertaining to administrative or personnel matters which has prompted numerous US intelligence agencies to officially declare 'We're High 2.'

  This campaign hears the voices of the outraged and the marginalized.  (Then again, this campaign hears voices generally.)

  Shoutout to folks who don't hyphenate!

  Not only were romantic love and gunpowder both invented in the Middle Ages, they were created in the same act. Universal Intelligence Estimate

Executive Intelligence Summary

If less is more, what is selflessness, homelessness and toplessness?




Whatever doesn't kill me on the contrary, whatever has more than once saved my life.

  Her slender digits deftly unzipping his folder, she eagerly placed his now visibly decompressed file into her waiting repository. Bit Rate Seduction: A Signal Processing Romance

  Now that nobody wears them anymore, nothing happens at the drop of a hat.

  Personalization n.  A process by which, based on his or her digital profile, an individual is assigned a personality by the Internet.

  If you need anything, just let me no. Universal Intelligence Estimate

Executive Intelligence Summary

Do not the hokey pokey, if thou hopest for the hanky panky.


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The Covert Comic.

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