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Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

You can't quarantine me, I have diplomatic immunology!

  Secret 9004.  The information owner by the information shall be owned.

  I invented myself – but my application for a patent was rejected on the grounds that my invention wasn't useful, novel or nonobvious.

  In 1097 the pope outlawed crossbows.  Today, a mere nine centuries later, crossbow violence has been reduced by over 40%.

  Never mistake kindness for weakness.  Kindness has been known to kill people for doing that.Tradecraft

Executive Intelligence Summary

A slippery slope?  That's what crampons are for, my friend.



Who can tell the range of joy, or set the bounds of beauty?  (I mean besides the US Department of Commerce's Office of Weights and Measures?)

  Intelligence Community Dis of the Day.  Their intelligence cycle has training wheels.

  I filled out a survey at work.  The first question was: 'Functional manager? _________________'

I wrote 'Rarely if ever.'

  If an issue is a cause célèbre, but mostly for people who use the term 'cause célèbre,' you can safely ignore it.

  We say 'I don't know whether I'm coming or going,' as if it were somehow possible to do only one at a time. Tradecraft

Executive Intelligence Summary

I got your hardened structure right here.



It's not an oxymoron, it's an oxydifferentlyabledintellect.

●  Intelligence Community Pick-up Line of the Night.  With well-coordinated operations and proper alignment of resources, I'm confident you and I can achieve a desired end state of horizontal integration.

●  Emotions are like a passing rainstorm: if you live in Southern California, you may never have to experience one.

●  'Do or do not?'  Don't we do or do not already, pretty much all the time?

●  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Fool me three times, shame on you again.  My War on Terror!

Executive Intelligence Summary

You say 'chaos theory' like there's some other kind.



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The Covert Comic.

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