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(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Life, liberty and the pursuit, culling, skinning, tanning and sale of the hides of happiness.

  When she drew a pistol on me, I put my hands up and offered no resistance.  But I could tell from the way she used a little squiggle to represent the front sight that this girl was strictly an amateur. Contact Report

  Wall, wall, behind the mirror

Who the hell put this spy cam here???

  A train leaves Oklahoma City at 5:00 p.m. traveling west at 70 mph.  30 minutes later, another train leaves Oklahoma City traveling east at 75 mph.  After that, no trains or other vehicles will be permitted to leave Oklahoma City ever again.

  What exactly is so bad about talking to a brick wall???  You can say whatever you're thinking, plus the wall hardly ever interrupts.

Executive Intelligence Summary





Sensitive Compartmented Information?  Trust me, rub the compartment right and you'll have to beat back that information with a stick.

  SpookSpeak.  BULLSHINT n.  Intelligence deduced from statements made by sources known to be unreliable.

  I'm paying attention, I'm just paying it forward.

  When laughing because you must not cry, can you please not make that snorting sound?

  My uncle once told me: "Life is what you make it."

I said: "Sorry about how you turned out; I must have been in a bad mood that day."

My uncle pretty much leaves me alone now.

PostTopSecret of the Week

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Rich man, poor man

Beggar man, thief

Analyst, ops officer

Deputy station chief

  SpookSpeak.  Yankee White adj.  Denoting a highly selective US security clearance held by persons supporting the president - typically reserved for employees of the White House kitchen staff, most of whom are southern and Black.

  If there are large numbers of seagulls circling above it, don't choose to die on that hill.

  I looked up the definition of 'denouement.'  Talk about a denouement.

  Once a people have tasted freedom, they'll never again be content with servitude (unless that servitude is flavored with an authentic-tasting freedom substitute).

PostTopSecret of the Week

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