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Weekly Intelligence Briefing



(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

Intelligence Community euphemism of the day. 'Certified Space Force eligible.'

In analysis, raw intelligence refers to the state of information collected. In ops, raw intelligence refers to the state of who I’m collecting it from.

● Its all funds and gains until someone loses ROI.

● Which is the greater criminal: he who sells the instruments of violence, or he who plays them really badly?

When Walter Annenberg wrote “Accomplish something every day of your life,” I assume this counted as his accomplishment for that day.

Executive Intelligence Summary

Death is but a sleep – plus you dont have to get up to go to the bathroom as frequently.





The spotter, assessor, developer, recruiter and handler shall be the spotted, assessed, developed, recruited and handled.

SpookSpeak. Secret government warehouse n. A classified facility where secret governments are stored.

Carpe diem dulcis: Seize a nice day!

● My wife and I practice the algorithm method. We only have sex when the computer tells us to.

● Hatred and ignorance go hand in hand. Or at least they would, if ignorance knew how and hatred was a little more affectionate.

Executive Intelligence Summary

As if self and parody weren't the same thing.




‘Twas spy ops

Enabled the psyops

That freed Odysseus

From the Cyclops

No doubt shes a bombshell, but is she fire-and-forget? – [Context classified]

Algorithm. From algos (Greek: ‘pain’) and rhythm (‘regularly repeated’).

● When pushing the envelope comes to shoving the envelope.

● The night is not young. It’s just wearing a good concealer.

Executive Intelligence Summary

It’s only doomscrolling if you don’t want the stuff to happen.


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The Covert Comic.

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