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Weekly Intelligence Briefing


(Note: Cleared readers only, please.)

The definition of 'murky intelligence' is murkier intelligence.

  A CIA intern told me 'I'm hoping to break into covert operations.'

I said 'Great, that's the best way to do it.'

  We're all conservative about some things and liberal about others.  For example, conservatives are liberal when it comes to hating other conservatives, while liberals are conservative when it comes to liking other liberals.

  There's a saying: 'Beware of averages; the average person has one breast and one testicle.'  But aside from these anatomical differences, we average folks are a lot like you.

   I have a strong sense of moral purpose.  I can typically detect moral purpose approaching from over a kilometer away. Tradecraft

Executive Intelligence Summary

When upon the Ark

It came time to embark

If only his family and Noah

Had been a little sloah




SpookSpeak.  Collide o' scope n.  Any project for which more than one organization defines requirements.

  My intelligence sources are extremely reliable - they've never once failed to show up to get paid.

  To me, 'problem' is just another word for opportunity.  Plus, 'problem' is easier to say.

  Cultural Perspectives in Language: Entries in an Actual Dictionary

1. Bloke n. (Informal - British)  A man. ('He's a nice bloke.')

2. Dude n. (Informal - North American)  A man. ('If a dude hits me, I'm hitting him back.')

  Write injuries in dust, benefits in marble - and attach properly formatted image copies of each to forms 8960 and 15-B respectively of your federal income tax return.

Executive Intelligence Summary

I said I have a can-do attitude.  I didn't say I have a do attitude. Catwalk of Spies




Life's a pitch, then you spy.

  To qualify for a top secret security clearance requires hard work and sacrifice.  But the way I figure it, those sheep and goats weren't going to live much longer anyway.

  When you go to the office, you shouldn't have to leave your morals at the door.  Your employer should provide a secure storage space in your cubicle.

  Oriana Fallaci sounds like the name of an act that's illegal in several southern US states.

  I have overcome the desire for material things.  There's way more money in antimatter. Tradecraft

Executive Intelligence Summary

Lead you not into temptation?  Got it.  And what else would you like me not to do? God


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